Start the New Year with a New Energy Seal

Happy New Year!  What’s your resolution for 2014? Are you interested in energy-savings, do you want to begin a sustainability initiative or perhaps you just want to make 2014 a more profitable year at the loading dock. Whatever your reasons for conserving energy one sure way to acheive a return on investment at the loading dock is by installing a superior dock seal. The ULTRA-SEAL is Serco’s ultimate sealing system.

Serco is taking energy-savings to new heights.

SercoUltraSealApplicationThe ULTRA-SEAL’s design was created to provide the insulating benefits of a dock seal with the added versatility afforded with a dock shelter, meaning this seal gives you full trailer access. If you know much about seals you will know that  a dock seal is ideal for sealing off the door hinge gaps and perimeter of a trailer when backed into a dock, but they also can impede access to the full width of the rear of a trailer during loading/unloading.

Some applications want the best of both worlds.

This is especially true when you consider sensitive applications such as cold storage, food & beverage or even electronics. Any item that would require a chilled or temperature controlled trailer during transportation, you can pretty much bet that this trailer will be equipped with swing doors. The ULTRA-SEAL is ideal in this event because while you really need full trailer access due to the swing doors you also need supreme protection against energy loss that comes with a dock seal. You see, when a trailer backs into it a dock seal creates a suction like grip along the edges of the dock opening. It is quite like that of a refrigerator seal. Before the ULTRA-SEAL, most customers were forced to opt for a dock shelter in order to be able to access of the full width of the rear area on trailers with swing doors, losing out on some of the benefits afforded through a dock seal. Now many people are delighted to recieve the best of both worlds with the ULTRA-SEAL which can accommodate a variety of trailer heights, thanks to its versatile head curtain.

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