5 Reasons It’s Never Too Late to Add Serco Dock Seals and Shelters to Your Holiday Wish List

Even though the 2016-17 holiday season is now upon us, you may want to examine your wish list one last time (just in case you overlooked something super really important).

Take for instance Serco’s newest dock seal and shelter products with our exclusive UHWR™ (Ultra High Wear Resistant) fabric.

We thought we’d pass along a few easy-to-remember reminders that might help you make the case for those looking for the perfect gift (and also make your holidays merrier and brighter, too!)

  1. Our Ironside™ (models IDS-HP and IDS-HC) loading dock seals and Blackout™ (model BDS-S) dock shelter all feature UHWR fabric.
  1. UHWR provides superior wear resistance and stands up over time to the most abrasive movements caused by air ride suspensions and intermodal trailers.
  1. Based on extensive testing that Entrematic conducted through an independent lab, UHWR has been certified to withstand more than 40,000 abrasion cycles.
  1. That means UHWR fabric has up to ten times the abrasion resistance of all of the competitive fabrics tested (incidentally, the IDS-HP dock seal features its exclusive Serco Guardian® Head Pad with a full width UHWR wear face, 4-inch exposure wear panels as well as heat-sealed, full-length yellow guide stripes embedded in and welded—not sewn—into the UHWR fabric). Now that’s cool!
  1. Ironside dock seals and the Blackout dock shelter further demonstrates Entrematic’s commitment to product quality as well as providing innovative and long-lasting products through our valued network of exclusive Serco distributors.

So there you have it . . . five great reminders for that final ideal addition to your holiday shopping experience. And, some great food for thought while you’re roasting those chestnuts over an open fire.

To learn more about our complete line-up of Serco dock seal and shelter products, please visit Serco Dock Seals & Shelters.

From all of us at Entrematic, we wish you and yours a very enjoyable and bright Christmas holiday season as well as a Happy New Year 2017!