Move From One Load to the Next Quickly

In today’s fast-paced world of supply chain logistics, loading docks need reliable equipment to keep up with productivity expectations. By processing a high volume of trailers quickly, the result is greater turnaround, improved scheduling and better communication. Serco loading dock equipment will help maximize operational efficiency, improve trailer turnaround and scheduling, improve communications, and improve equipment sequencing and utilization, while also enhancing security and minimizing downtime due to service issues or accidents. Following are the ideal products for high-volume distribution facilities.

Powered Dock Levelers

Powered Dock Levelers

High-volume operations have unique needs, and Serco power-assisted and hydraulic dock levelers are designed to be durable enough to withstand consistent wear and tear and daily usage with little to no maintenance requirements. Unique features such as HYDRA MAX Powered-in/Powered-out Lip Extension and Auto Return-to-Dock makes these loading dock levelers best equipped for fast-moving facilities.

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Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle Restraints

In high-volume operations, it’s important to have a vehicle restraint that’s quick, intelligent and secure. Serco vehicle restraints engage the rear impact guard on the back of a trailer and utilize interior and exterior LED communication lights to signal dock status to dock workers and trailer drivers.

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Dock Shelters

Work shouldn’t slow just because of inclement weather conditions. Outfit your loading dock with a dock shelter to keep it safe from temperature changes, rain, dirt and debris, while staying on schedule and providing unrestricted access to the trailer interior.

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Dock Doors

Powered insulated sectional doors improve operational efficiency and damage-resistant impactable sectional doors minimize downtime due to accidents to provide high-volume distribution facilities with a lower lifetime cost of ownership than conventional overhead doors.

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Integrated Loading Dock Equipment Controls

A Serco Master Control Panel makes operating all your loading dock equipment a cinch by integrating it in one easy-to-use compact panel that ensures better safety, productivity and efficiency. Not to mention, you can program the equipment to run in a predetermined sequence, further enhancing safety and productivity.

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Serco HVLS Fan


Serco SF Series HVLS Fans help keep productivity up in high-volume operations by maintaining a comfortable working environment for your employees.

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Yard & Dock Management Software

With features like automated dock appointment scheduling, preset maintenance and equipment usage tracking, it’s easy to see the benefits of integrating your loading dock products with 4SIGHT Logistics Solution. See when trailers arrive and where they are at all times with sensor technology that shows what’s happening at every door in real-time.

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