Strive for an Accident-Free Facility

When it comes to running a successful loading dock, nothing is more important than ensuring your workers are protected from injuries. A safe work environment is an efficient one, allowing employees to work confidently toward their next goal while effectively completely the task at hand. From products that make lifting less of a manual process to those that protect your dock from inclement weather, you’ll find a range of Serco products built for loading dock safety and security:

Dock Leveler Barrier Lips

Accidental roll-off? Not at your loading dock. The super-durable Serco Dock-Guard Barrier Lip has the ability to withstand impact from a 15,000-lb. forklift traveling at 5 mph, making it stronger than conventional levelers. This sturdy design allows the lip to remain flush to the leveler deck for a level interface during forklift operation.

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Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle Restraints

Give your loading dock team the peace of mind it needs to load and unload efficiently and safely with Serco vehicle restraints. These durable restraints anchor trailers in place by engaging the rear impact guard or wheels of a trailer.

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Dock Seals & Dock Shelters

Ensure your loading dock stays safe and dry from outdoor elements by giving it the right Serco dock seal or shelter to fit its needs. Depending on the type of industry you’re working in and the size and amount of loads you see in a day, you’ll find the perfect seal or shelter to match your operations. To prevent costly water damage and injury, the DryDock® Rain Sealing System uses a “wiper” pad to ensure no exterior water makes its way inside your loading dock for total safety and security.

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Integrated Loading Dock Equipment Controls

Stay in complete control of your loading dock equipment by integrating them into a master control panel and interlocking products to operate in a controlled sequence. Having one master control panel for operation of the entire loading dock position can ensure equipment is stored and doors are closed properly once loading or unloading is complete, preventing unauthorized entry.

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Lighting & Impact Prevention

Making sure your loading dock is well lit is an important aspect to creating a safe working environment. LED loading dock lights illuminate the interior of the trailer, ensuring your workers have a clear view during the loading and unloading process. Additional accessories like guardrails, door track guards, column protectors and other impact prevention products add an even greater level of security for your most efficient and productive loading dock.

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