Make Daily Operations Run More Smoothly

Day in and day out, your loading dock crew is faced with the challenge of quickly responding to whatever may come their way. Is yours prepared with products to get the job done efficiently? There are a variety of Serco products to help make everyday tasks simpler and more effective, reducing redundancies and injury risks. In turn you’ll have a happier and more productive team that’s able to focus on the type of work they enjoy. Discover Serco solutions in technology, trailer management and durability that will create long-lasting efficiencies within your facility:

Many warehouse and industrial environments have no air conditioning, or are so large that keeping temperatures regulated for employee comfort and product safety is prohibitively expensive. Serco HVLS fans are an energy-efficient solution. Producing massive amounts of airflow at low speeds, they move air constantly which helps keep employees comfortable while also helping to reduce moisture, which make for a safer work environment and help keep reduce destructive moisture from food product.

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Powered Dock Levelers

Powered Loading Dock Equipment

Take the manual labor out of your loading dock with the help of powered equipment. Get to work in the push of a button with power-assisted and hydraulic dock levelers, electro-mechanical vehicle restraints and powered overhead doors, which help ensure worker safety by alleviating the back-breaking efforts required of mechanical models. You’ll also save time and money, with powered equipment requiring much less effort and strain on the product itself, in addition to having few moving parts and less maintenance needs. It’s a win-win for you and your entire crew.

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Dock Seals & Shelters

Dock Seals & Shelters

It’s difficult for workers to maintain productivity in an uncomfortable environment. Dock seals and shelters are an important part of keeping your loading dock safe and effective, blocking out elements like cold, heat, wind, rain, dust, debris and insects for a distraction-free work zone. Their rugged protection offers years of reliability, ensuring your loading dock will keep moving at the perfect pace.

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The “Seamless Dock Bay”

Do you ever feel like you’re spending more time keeping your loading dock equipment in motion than actually moving forward? Increase productivity with Serco integrated systems, control and communications features. With a master control panel, you can bring all your equipment (dock levelers, vehicle restraints, industrial sectional doors, dock shelters, dock light and fan accessories, and management software) together, sequencing and controlling them from one convenient and easy-to use compact panel. In turn you’ll have a seamless experience that makes everything in your loading dock run more smoothly and efficiently.

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Energy Saving Products & Accessories

Energy saved is money earned. Create a budget-friendly environment for your loading dock with energy-efficient products designed to conserve power, prevent cooled air from escaping and maintain a comfortable temperature for your space. For those looking to minimize air gaps between their dock leveler, ENERGY GUARD® perimeter dock leveler weatherseal is an effective solution that can result in better productivity and thousands of dollars saved over time. Large HVLS fans are another smart solution for making your loading dock more efficient, providing year-round comfort while cooling and heating the air without running up your electricity bill. And accessories, like LED dock lights, provide another energy efficient addition to light up the inside of trailers, improving worker safety at an affordable price.

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Yard & Dock Management Software

Get the insight you need to improve your loading dock productivity with 4SIGHT logistics software. This innovative technology allows you to view trailer movement at a glance in real-time, so you can adjust schedules and increase efficiencies on the fly. You’ll also receive detailed information about dock position availability, dock equipment status and dock equipment utilization, helping you improve the daily functions of your loading dock for better managed operations.

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