Durable Products For the Most Rugged Spaces

When you’re dealing with Food & Beverage operations, there’s a lot to think about. Cleanliness, climate control, energy loss and food safety just name a few, along with the need to accommodate some of the heaviest loads you’ll see come through your loading dock. To make sure your loading dock and crew are able to keep up with the demands of this industry, you need durable products specifically designed to meet the challenges of a variety of delivery vehicle styles, high-traffic volume and extreme productivity requirements.

With these Serco loading dock products you’ll be ready, while keeping up with industry regulations and standards.

Powered Dock Levelers

High volume and heavy weight loads make choosing the right dock leveler a critical part of the loading and unloading process. Vertical-storing dock levelers are an increasingly popular choice for food & beverage operations due their ability to provide users with complete control over their environment, safety, cleanliness and efficiency. Hydraulic pit-mounted dock levelers can also be effective in keeping up with the fast-paced environment of high-volume loading docks.

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Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle Restraints

Create a safe environment for your Food & Beverage loading dock by anchoring trailers in place with Serco vehicle restraints. These powerful restraints prevent accidents caused by premature departure, trailer creep and trailer walk, while adhering to industry regulations.

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Energy Efficiency

ENERGY GUARD® provides a superior perimeter weatherseal along the sides and rear of your dock leveler to prevent energy loss, closing off the gaps between the dock leveler and concrete pit walls. Its unique design also keeps dirt, debris and insects outside where they belong, while in turn helping you maintain a clean and efficient environment within your facility.

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Integrated Loading Dock Equipment Controls

Integrate and sequence the operation of all your loading dock products into a Serco Master Control Panel to maximize equipment utilization, improve efficiency and increase safety.

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Insulated Sectional Doors

Insulated sectional doors are recommended for food & beverage operations because of their ability to provide energy efficiency, while offering a cost-effective means to maintaining your products’ integrity. With insulated impactable sectional doors, you’ll also enjoy a lower cost of ownership than traditional overhead doors.

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Yard & Dock Management Software

Get a bird’s eye view of your entire loading dock by integrating your Serco products with 4SIGHT’s yard and dock management software. This efficient technology allows you to see trailers in real-time, while helping you gain efficiencies by solving challenges directly from the guard gate.

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