3 Summer Must-Have’s for the Loading Dock

Before you kick off the shoes and break into song and dance to Danny and Sandy’s Summer Nights ask yourself this: have you prepared your loading dock for summer? Summer brings with it a new portfolio of extremes such as increased heat, direct sun light and other extreme weather such as dust storms, dry air and more. So how do you protect your employees during summer? How to protect your shipments from summer heat and sun? How to conserve energy over the summer months?

Three must-have solutions for summer 2014: HINGE GUARD, industrial HVLS fan and a Master Control Panel. Read on to find out why:

Block trailer hinge gaps, protect against direct sunlight and protect against energy loss.


Conventional dock shelters offer full trailer access, however, when a trailer’s doors are opened for
loading or unloading a series of gaps are created between the trailer hinges. These hinge gaps are substantial and allow weather to enter the facility and conditioned air to escape, reducing employee comfort and increasing energy costs. HINGE GUARD begins to work as soon as a trailer reverses into the dock and is automatically activated by the backing trailer by grasping the sides of the trailer and covering the hinge gaps.It offers a consistent seal, full and unrestricted access to the trailer bed and gives way to ultimate energy savings without any interference to loading.

Industrial HVLS fan gives customers more air, more efficiency and more style.Serco wave application

The Serco industrial HVLS fan features an optimized five (5) blade profile which translates to greater airflow all while conserving energy consumption. The Serco fan’s refined airfoil shape results in less drag, equating to greater circulation and employee comfort. The Serco fan produces a massive, cylindrical column of air that flows down to the floor and outward in all directions, creating a horizontal floor jet that consistently circulates air in large spaces. It’s an energy smart fan that moves air evenly for more balanced circulation and the benefits go far beyond improved circulation, this fan actually helps protect product integrity, reduce opportunities for spoilage and increase environmental comfort for employees. The improved airflow also decreases condensation, resulting in drier, safer floors for employees.

Master Control Panel improves energy-efficiency for great savings and improves safety in your facility.

SercoMasterPanelSerco’s Master Control Panel ensures that the only equipment in operation is the equipment being used at that point in time. So if the dock doors are open it’s because loading or unloading is taking place. As soon as loading is complete, the energy saving dock doors will be shut down as part of the sequence so no unnecessary energy loss will occur. The same technique applies to your dock lights, your dock levelers, your dock seal or any piece of equipment that you have integrated into your master control panel.  If you have pre-determined something to close or shutdown at a certain point it will do so as part of a sequence and initiated by the push of the button on your master control panel.  This sequence also improves safety because you can program it so that the trailer must be securely locked in place by the vehicle restraint first before any other equipment will operate. The dock leveler can be interlocked with the other dock devices, preventing operation until all the safety systems are operational and your dock doors are open. You can even setup your dock lights to be programmed to switch on just before the dock equipment begins to function.

By incorporating a HINGE GUARD, an energy-smart industrial HVLS fan and a Master Control Panel by Serco you can get the most energy-savings and productivity out of your loading dock this summer.

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