Meet the Serco ATEC™ HVLS Fan

Serco wave applicationThe Advanced Technology for Environmental Control or the ATEC is all about efficient air movement. We are very excited about this HVLS fan that just hit the market because it features the most advanced technology and moves the most air yet saves on energy usage. It is the most significant innovation that the market has seen in years and is set to advance HVLS technology through its highly intelligent controls, increased airflow and superior energy efficiency.

What makes the ATEC different to other HVLS fans?

Well the ATEC HVLS fan features an optimized five (5) blade profile which translates to greater airflow all while conserving energy consumption. The ATEC’s refined airfoil shape results in less drag, which in turn, equates to greater circulation and employee comfort. The ATEC’s frame cover adds to the aesthetic appeal of the fan making it a sophisticated addition in either an industrial or commercial setting.

How do HVLS fans work?

The Serco ATEC produces a massive, cylindrical column of air that flows down to the floor and outward in all directions, creating a horizontal floor jet that consistently circulates air in large spaces. This “horizontal floor jet” pushes air a greater distance before it is pulled back vertically toward the blades. The greater the down flow, the greater the air circulation and resulting benefits.  In the colder months, fans can be run in reverse to circulate the hot air trapped at ceiling level, known as “destratification”.

Serco ATEC fans don’t just move air, they circulate efficiency and create a more even temperature, which in turn protects product integrity, avoids potential spoilage and increases employee comfort. And the even coverage provided by the ATEC fan also works to reduce moisture in the air keeping floors drier and safer for your employees.

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