Real-time access to data provides enhanced dock management and control

Dock operations across the board are full of powerful and vitally important KPIs. But if your food & beverage, cold storage or industrial facility doesn’t have an effective method in place to manage all of that data in real-time, you won’t be able to properly measure and analyze it.

Traditional and often meager attempts to measure dock operation KPIs have involved stop watches, clip boards and even manually walking to every dock position to check on status. Instead, real-time access to dock data from a central location is a much better solution.

Now you can improve your warehouse dock operation with increased efficiency and safety using cloud-based 4SIGHT Connect – Dock. Leave traditional dock operation behind with a truly “smart” approach using 4SIGHT Connect – Dock which allows you to take full control over and streamline your entire dock operation.

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remotely monitor YOUR docks while gathering kpis FOR ANALYSIS FROM A CENTRAL DASHBOARD

4SIGHT Connect – Dock provides an entirely different approach to viewing and managing your entire dock operation.
Utilizing the 4SIGHT Connect – Dock cloud-based platform’s Dashboard, you can now filter and sort dock status at will. The Dashboard also enables you conveniently view a number of KPIs including alarms and override events, display group and activity information, as well as generate custom reports and schedules.


With visibility into your dock operation like never before, you’ll see a scrollable list view of all docks via the 4SIGHT Connect – Dock Dashboard. In addition to a detailed dock view with detailed equipment information, you can monitor override requests/authorizations, remote notifications and/or authorizations as well as password settings to control your dock operation.

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You can generate a variety of useful reports using the 4SIGHT Connect – Dock Dashboard. All events and activity are tracked at the dock including historical data and KPIs. Load time, dock utilization, equipment overrides and equipment cycle counts are just a few examples of the various reports that are available.


At the heart of the 4SIGHT Connect – Dock system is the Serco Digital Master Control Panel. The panel’s intuitive touch screen is a graphic-based interface that uses an easy-to-understand guided order of operations that will help simplify your entire dock equipment operation while improving efficiency.

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Sending timely and customized email alerts to a pre-determined distribution list about specific events at your loading dock will help your dock operations team well-informed. Your traditional dock operation, with the help of the 4SIGHT Connect – Dock Dashboard, will instead become a “smart” dock operation. By establishing a variety of super user set smart rule configurations you’ll have improved control over tracking available conditions, loss of communication, restraint override, restraint errors, restraint engage or restraint release.


The 4SIGHT Connect – Dock system is designed to be independent; the panels and gateway communicate through an independent network and therefore don’t have to interface with a facility’s existing IT infrastructure or Wi-Fi. And because the platform is cloud-based, customers can use any internet-connected device to access the 4SIGHT Connect Dashboard from anywhere.

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