New Serco BDS-S model dock shelter stands up to most abrasive environments

Entrematic (Loading Dock Products) today announced it has expanded its line of Serco loading dock shelters with its new Blackout™ (model BDS-S) loading dock shelter.

Featuring exclusive Serco UHWR™ (Ultra High Wear Resistant) fabric, the BDS-S provides superior wear resistance and stands up over time to the most abrasive movements caused by air ride suspensions and intermodal trailers.

“Entrematic conducted extensive testing on the UHWR fabric through an independent lab and we’re excited to report that UHWR has been certified to withstand more than 40,000 abrasion cycles,” said Michael Brittingham, Manager, Marketing Services.  “This also means the UHWR fabric has up to ten times the abrasion resistance of all of the competitive fabrics tested.”

Brittingham added further, “Serco is a well-known dock shelter brand and the Blackout dock shelter further demonstrates Entrematic’s commitment to product quality as well as providing innovative and long-lasting products through our valued network of exclusive Serco distributors.”

In addition to Blackout’s UHWR wear resistant fabric, the BDS-S dock shelter also features the Serco S-900DD DryDock® integral rain header system that effectively blocks moisture infiltration from the top of a trailer, exclusive Serco Hinge Guard™, which seals off the hinge gap around swingout doors, blocking air and light from entering a facility, and Serco LightBlockr™ connector curtain, which blocks air and light infiltration at overlap of side and head curtains.

Structurally, the Blackout dock shelter features a rigid head frame that acts as a canopy, while a translucent top cover allows increased visibility and operating light.  The exclusive roll-formed, galvanized steel framing also extends loading dock shelter product life and is much superior to wood construction.