REthink Power at the Loading Dock

There has never been a better time to rethink power. Why? First, just take a look around at the vast array of technology that is available for the material handling world. Automation is here and power is the end goal. The greater the power of your machines the more efficient your operation will function. What you considered powerful, say even 10 years ago is most likely not as powerful today. So is it time to Rethink power for your facility? A great place to start is at the loading dock because it is THE first step in any shipping process, that one place where all raw materials and finished goods pass.

From hydraulic dock levelers to other innovations at the loading dock, here are three options to help get your creative juices flowing and begin your quest to REthink power:

1.       Rethink power when restraining vehicles

The PitBull® Vehicle Restraint is a popular solution for restraining a trailer securely and safely at the loading dock. It’s effective at holding trucks tightly in place because it engages a trailer’s rear impact guard. By securing it in such an extensive manner you are also limiting creep, preventing early departure and helping to increase safety at the loading dock. The PitBull is available in powered and non-powered options; you can choose which ever option works best for your specific application

2.       Rethink power for your dock levelersSPH-DHHL-1207-BFF-P-C

Hydraulics at the loading dock translates into powerful operation. This HFC dock leveler takes automation to an even greater extreme. It’s a pit-style leveler with CLEAN FRAME® design, weatherseal and grease fittings. The control panel with its mushroom-style stop button offers increased flexibility. Hydraulic automation at its best and here’s why: the added benefit of a quick-cycle lip means you can extend and automatically return-to-dock efficiently, smoothly and fast.  When it comes to performance and power this leveler won’t let you down.

3.       Rethink power for your controls

With Serco’s Master Control Panel you can simplify your loading dock. This system means your loading dock could have just ONE control panel verses three or more separate panels. This control system strengthens your in-house power for a variety of reasons:

  1. It simplifies training, as all dock equipment can be more easily integrated to work through a pre-programmed sequence.
  2. It increases dock safety by allowing easier sequenced interlocking.
  3. It creates a more energy efficient environment because only those pieces of equipment that are required to be in use will be operated at any given time, saving you on wasted energy consumption.

Rethinking anything is a healthy practice every now and then, just like checks and balances for your loading dock. Obviously, the longer it has been since you’ve evaluated your equipment will make this activity even more pertinent. Serco is an advocate of power at the loading dock. The simple equation is the more power, the greater the productivity and the higher the return. So if your loading dock and facility is in need of some updating it could be time to REthink power and call Serco.