Build a Safety Culture through Intelligent Controls

Technology has afforded us humans quite a lot in so far as improving our ability to mass produce, increase productivity levels, and so much more but another factor technology aids is loading dock safety. Through the use of intelligent controls at the loading dock which is a potentially dangerous area, you can implement a safe sequence of operation. So what does that mean for your dock levelers, your dock doors, your inflatable dock seals? Read on to learn more about Serco’s Master Control Panel and discover how this system can actually build on your safety culture while at the same help you realize greater energy efficiency.

They say there’s ‘safety in numbers’Serco MCP

We say there is safety in sequence and here’s why: the sequence, once you program the master control panel you can tell it to work in a specific order. All you need to do is push a button and the master control panel will roll out its pre-determined series of tasks. You can program it so that the trailer must be securely locked in place by the vehicle restraint first before any other equipment will operate. The dock leveler can be interlocked with the other dock devices, preventing operation until all the safety systems are operational and your dock doors are open. You can even setup your dock lights to be programmed to switch on just before the dock equipment begins to function. Whatever works for your loading dock, whatever you determine to be the best sequence to ensure safety each and every time?

A system that can actually help increase energy-efficiency?

YEP! The master control panel is proficient at being energy efficient too. What facility manager is not interested in saving loading dock energy? I mean it’s better for the environment and it keeps costs down. With a Serco Master Control Panel you can be sure that the only equipment in operation is the equipment being used at that point in time. The dock doors are open? Well this is because loading or unloading is taking place and with a master control panel from Serco as soon as it is complete the energy saving dock doors will be shut down as part of the sequence so NO unnecessary energy loss will occur. The same technique applies to your dock lights, you will never leave a dock light on accidently again because it will only turn on or off if you have pre-determined it to do so and initiated the action by the push of the button on your master control panel.

Pretty n’ pink or…

We like to save this little feature of the Serco Master Control Panel to last but it’s a true highlight. Once you have decided on the system, decided on your specific parameters and programmed the ideal sequence for the best energy-savings and safe operation at the loading dock next you can choose how your Serco Master Control Panel will look. Whether you want your company logo, a company mascot image or just an awesome color design that coincides with your brand strategy, you can have that! We do custom labels in house so whatever look you choose, it’s yours!

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