5 Energy Saving Tips for your Facility from Serco

Serco is in an energy-saving kind of mood (as per usual) so we’ve decided to rally up some of new tips to create a quick reference guide to help you save energy in 2014. Even though we focus on the loading dock a lot of the time these tips are useful throughout your entire facility, from your dock levelers, to your dock lighting, to your coffee or break room to your clean-up efforts. Read on for Serco’s five energy saving tips for your facility, distribution center, warehouse or other workplace arena.

1.      Create consistent airflow with an energy-efficient fan.SercoVelocity Lighter

 VELOCITY is one impressive fan that is leading the industry in energy efficiency. This fan’s six-blade design produces a massive column of air that flows down toward the floor and outward in all directions before drawing it back vertically toward the blades to create what is known as a horizontal floor jet. By producing this circulation the fan creates a 2 to 3 mph breeze that delivers the equivalent of a 7-11 degree decrease in perceived temperature.  This reduction in perceived temperature felt by workers allows you to reduce your energy consumption by reducing your thermostat settings. Now that’s energy-savings in the bag on a daily basis 


2.       Like your lights, turn all electronics off to save.

There’s more electronics than just those you use on a daily basis and sometimes these are the energy sucking culprits responsible for taking treble shots of your pricey electricity. Check all break rooms, common areas, and the like, do you have older CPU’s running in these areas? Draw up a checklist of these machines and implement a system for shutting them down in the evening and rebooting them again in the morning. This practice is sure to save you more than you might think, and as they say, it takes three weeks to form a habit so make it an energy saving one!

3.       Alter your cleaning times.

Recently research was performed by Larry Spielvogel, a consulting engineer based in King of Prussia, PA,  who discovered that most electrical companies charge (in Philadelphia) on-peak hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, he also figured out that the majority of janitorial work was completed during on-peak hours. Which is when workers have gone home and the building is quiet. He suggests that if you cannot change the times that your janitorial arrive to clean, then maybe ask your HR dept. to look into training techniques whereby the cleaning team works in a more efficient order to cut down on the amount of time and electricity that is used.

4.       Are your thermostats lying?

Maybe. Thermostats measure the temperature inside your facility but what happens if they are positioned in a location which is close to draft? Or a large machine that is expelling tons of heat? In these cases, the reading might be giving you a misconstrued picture.  It is worthwhile checking your thermostats, as the years go by renovation or new purchases can mean relocation of equipment including your thermostats so just be sure that each thermostat is not in an area of direct sunlight, vents, too many people walking by, fans or heaters.

5.       Not quite sure if you’re too hot or too cold?

This could be caused in part to covered or blocked vents. As we mentioned in our previous tip, things, people, equipment, etc., are going to at one point or another ‘get moved’. The key though is to ensure that the same engineering and architectural plans that were initially mapped out for the facility can continue to be upheld. It’s a good idea to do regular walkabouts and check all vents grills for blockages. On a cold day in your building a blocked heating vent isn’t doing anyone any favors apart from burning a hold in your pocket.

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