Does your loading dock receive ‘wide’ loads?

Manufacturers that are aware of their markets and current initiatives are always a step ahead of those who are not. Research and design is a healthy component of any business, especially manufacturing. This type of ‘willingness’ to adopt findings from R&D is what will ultimately set your productivity levels apart from your competitors.

SercoVersaDockThis is absolutely applicable to the loading dock because, after all, the loading dock is the beginning destination of most raw materials and finished goods that are flowing throughout supply chains across the globe. Take hydraulic dock levelers for example, hydraulic levelers offer customers ultimate power with the ability to handle large heavy loads. And the VERSADOCK™ Hydraulic Dock Levelers are the king of handling heavy and wider than usual loads. The Serco VERSADOCK is the result of extensive research and design working side by side with our customer to address a specific problem in the automotive industry over a decade ago.

Unique solution for a unique world

Knowing that your operation is unique is great but what really pushes you up the success ranks is the doing. The doing comes into play when you realize that you need specialized equipment because you are not like your neighbor and you cannot afford to purchase any cookie cutter machines in the hopes that you can save a buck and get by. That’s why Serco has invested the past 60 years into creating solutions based on you, the customer. The VERSADOCK  is a special dock leveler that is powered by hydraulics, while this leveler can function as a conventional leveler it also has the ability to handle high-cube (low boy) vehicles at a single dock position. Basically it’s an extra wide dock leveler that can handle those cumbersome loads so you can enjoy increased productivity levels.

Why would you need a VERSADOCK?

Air-ride suspensions, high-capacity “low boy” trailers are increasing in popularity in addition to the ever increasing use of low-profile tires, truck bed heights are being extended beyond the standard 12″ reach of most levelers. This makes servicing near impossible. Another factor is trailer widths that generally average up to 8′ 6″ with traditional levelers usually measuring 7” wide this combination leaves  little to no room for forklift maneuvering. This is obviously a huge problem that causes major interferences with daily productivity and supply chain objectives. Mainly because when freight handlers attempt to “cube out” the trailer, loads are impossible to move and end up needing expensive remedies such as dedicated docks or expensive truck-leveling devices. Until, VERSADOCK!

It’s fair to say that VERSADOCK is like the SuperMan of the dock levelers, carrying loads and solving problems like never before!

It’s true, to stay ahead of the game you must stay on top of trends and make it a goal to implement strategies and machines that will help handle modernization and new challenges.

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